The Zwartbles Collection

The Zwartbles Collection
The Zwartbles collection is a joint venture between Cushendale Woollen Mills and Zwartbles Ireland.

In 2012 for the first time, Suzanna Crampton director of Zwartbles Ireland collected pure Zwartbles wool from all over Ireland from registered Zwartbles breeders during the shearing season. The wool was brought to our mill with the aim of making some unique Zwartbles wool products.

Working with Cushendale:
Zwartbles wool collected by Suzanna Crampton Director of Zwartbles Ireland was spun into yarn at our mill in Graignamanagh. The spun yarn was used to make Knitting Wool and was also woven into 97% Zwartbles wool (3% Irish white wool) Travel Rugs and Bed Blankets designed by Suzanna Crampton with the assistance of Philip Cushen.
The design is based on the Zwartbles sheep's distinctive rich dark chocolate color and white markings, the four white stripes on the blanket; The two narrow stripes represent the white stockings on the back legs, the single broad white stripe is the distinctive blaze down their face, while the single white stripe is the white tip to their tail.

We are very proud to say that all manufacturing, from fleece to finish, took place at our mill.

More information on this joint venture can be seen in the following Video.

The Zwartbles Breed:
Zwartbles sheep are from the Friesland area of the Nederlands, Initially, their main use was for milk and cheese production. The Zwartbles name means Black with a White Blaze.

A handsome black sheep with a distinctive white blaze from poll to surround the muzzle, two to four white socks up to but not beyond the knees or hocks and undocked tails with a white tip. Zwartbles sheep have a distinctive very fine thick black fleece with plenty of crimp.

Visit: for more information on the breed.