What We Do

Cushendale Woollen Mills fully manufactures quality textile products.

Our guiding principles are fourfold - quality, experience, flexibility and innovation.


Quality is the defining priority in every aspect of a Cushendale Woollen Mills product, from natural-fibre raw material selection through to product finishing.

The pure water supply taken from the river Duiske is our most valued natural resource and one of the principal reasons we are able to produce textiles of distinctive colour and texture.

We support Irish sheep farmers, selecting their finest wool to produce a natural Irish product which lasts the test of time.  


Our family has developed expertise in all aspects of woollen goods manufacturing since the mid 1800's.  This experience and expertise is still present today and is mirrored in our staff, who themselves have a long service with us.  Each product of Cushendale Woollen Mills has been created by the unique experience of these hands.


Our mill facility offers a full in-house manufacturing process where we have the privilege to produce 100% Irish products. Our mill also allows us flexibility in fabric and colour choice.  This flexibility enables us to tailor annual product ranges as well as producing bespoke products and colours.


Weaving traditional processes and experience with modern living is key to the success of Cushendale Woollen Mills.  We constantly review our product range to ensure it reflects not only the tradition we hold but also the needs of our customers so that you can enjoy full confidence in our products.

In-house Production Processes

Sheep Wool: 

Our wool is sourced from Irish producers.


Raw wool is cleaned in preparation for subsequent processing.


We are one of only a few remaining woollen mills in Ireland with the ability to dye fibre, yarn or fabric in-house, which we do while at all times respecting the environment.


Dyed wools are combined to produce soft strands of combed fibres.


The carded wool is spun to create a yarn strong enough for weaving or knitting.


Interlaces various yarns according to a design pattern into a basic fabric.


Depending on the cloth surface required, the woven fabric is washed / felted / dyed or brushed to give the desired fabric type.

Final Touches: 

All cutting, labelling, making-up and final examining of our products is carried out at this stage before they are put on sale in our own mill shop or despatched to customers in Ireland or abroad.

Quality Product Fibres form the basis of our product range...

Mohair Yarn, brushed and bouclé is made from 70% mohair, 30% wool.

Wool Yarn is made from a blend of 60% Irish fleece wool and 40% lamb's wool.

Lambswool goods are made from 100% marino lambswool.

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