From Fleece to Fabric.

We do everything under the one very old roof and have done for centuries. We’ve used our creativity, craftsmanship and passion to do what’s needed at every stage of the process and transform wool fleece into beautiful, soft, vibrant, and warm blankets, throws, scarves and yarns.

Time Honoured Techniques.

We use knowledge handed down from generation to generation, the same techniques our ancestors used to make our textiles. Deep-rooted understanding and empathy for how things were done yesterday are fundamental to creating the products we make today.

Care through Process.

Our perfectly old mill is full of perfectly old machinery that’s pretty uncommon in our industry today. For the most part because they run slower and produce less (and to be fair, not many people can fix a Victorian spinning mule) but that’s exactly why these machines and their processes make better textiles. Slower is gentler, is softer, is deeper colour, is perfection.

Dedication and Detail.

But all the techniques and machinery come to nothing without the right care and attention to detail to bring it all together. We’re a small dedicated group of people who stand and work together, have done so for decades and will continue to do so. We’re Cushendale.

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