Naturally Sustainable

Wool has been around since the stone age, and it doesn’t take massive industry to transform it into a beautifully crafted product. Known primarily for it’s warmth, wool is also breathable, biodegradable and highly resistant. A material anchored in history yet an essential tool for the sustainable development of our world.

Through our deep-rooted knowledge and passion we create textiles that, with minimum impact, will last for generations. What could be more sustainable?

Local, Traceable.

We don’t travel far. Our Irish wool fleece comes from selected partner farmers from Galway to Wexford, our lambswool yarn from an English heritage spinning mill and our Mohair yarn comes from one supplier in Italy. Granted that last one is a bit of a journey, but when it gets to us, it stays until its fully finished. We dye, spin, weave, and do everything else, under the one very old roof.

100% Renewable.

As long as our Galway sheep and Angora goats have grass to graze and water to drink, they will happily produce a new fleece every year – providing us with a beautifully simple, renewable raw material, and you with a cherished textile that doesn’t require harmful synthetics. By maintaining close relationships with our farmers we are able to ensure the welfare of our most important partners, the sheep.

Lifelong Products.

The pieces we make last a long time. We have Cushendale blankets that are more than 70 years old, and they’re not just for display. They’re in our homes, at the back of the hot press, top of the wardrobe or end of the bed, well used and well loved.

Our products have been made by generations of our family to last for generations of your family.

Sustainably Shared.

Wool is 100% natural, renewable and biodegradable and we try hard to bring the same standards to our packaging. We avoid using plastic and all our paper and board is FSC certified. Even though our postage and packaging solutions are good, we continue to look for new ways to make them even better.

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