To find the true value of craftsmanship we must look inside ourselves. There is a pleasure and satisfaction in creating those things of beauty which bring joy to others. In a world of ever-increasing pressures on efficiencies and scale, the art of craftsmanship is quickly becoming a very rare and precious skill. Behind the story of Cushendale lies this remarkable tale.


Much has changed over the past 240 years but maintaining the heritage of the mill has always been a life-long vocation of our family.

Upon entering the mill, one immediately notices the incredible machinery, much of which dates to Victorian times.  The continued use today of these historic machines from the past contributes greatly to the superior finish and handle of Cushendale textiles.

Cushendale still operates as a “vertical mill” just as it did in the 19th century, continuing to card, spin and weave locally sourced Irish wool. This truly rare ability of maintaining all stages of the process in-house under one roof ensures a unique and complete oversight and guarantees the highest quality standard.

Our Delicate Processes


Blending, Teasing

Fleece / Hank Dyeing

Carding, Spinning

Twisting, Winding

Warping, Weaving

Hand Mending

Wet Finishing, Milling

Dry Finishing, Raising

Hand Cutting & Labelling

Irish Wool ¦ Luxurious Mohair ¦ Supersoft Lambswool ¦ Irish Woollen Mill ¦ Irish Family Business