Irish Wool Double Knitting

Our Irish wool Double Knitting yarn is uniquely made from the fleece of the protected ‘Galway’ sheep which is dyed, carded and spun with flecks of colour enhancing each fibre.
“Integrity is a word bandied about today but I feel it is apt in using it as a description of Cushendale wool: a natural product that gets better with age. Initially the wool, tightly wound in a ball or skein can feel coarse in one’s hand but after knitting and gently washing the finished garment it is transformed, soft and light as air while keeping texture and shape. I particularly like the colours of the wool which to my mind are a distillation of the Irish countryside and weather rolled into one. The burnt golden gorse of the mountainside, the watered green of sea spray, purple and pink heather on the bogs, the greys of granite and monuments of a bygone era, and the lush greens of trees on rain-soaked and on summer days. Often my trouble is trying to limit my palette as I love introducing colour but I have used only one colour to great effect in one recent project.” – Andrew, Ireland
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