Irish Wool Lace Yarn

Our Irish wool lace yarn (singles) is uniquely made from the fleece of the protected ‘Galway’ sheep which is dyed, carded and spun with flecks of colour enhancing each fibre.
“…for me, as a Tunisian crochet shawl designer, it’s the way Cushendale Lace Yarn blocks that clinches it. I love a yarn that will hold its lace detail clearly without looking strained, and Cush lace does that in spades. Once off the blocking boards it relaxes just enough to add a squish and bounce to your finished pieces. Your shawls and light garments will retain the vitality and life you stitched into them. But the thing that has me choosing this yarn over and over is (don’t laugh!) how good it smells when it warms up in my hands. I could go on for some time like a yarn sommelier and tell you about the notes of warm hay and sunny hillsides that peek through from the first stitch, how after a little knitting notes of peat embers, old oak and polished brass make an appearance and how wearing a garment make from Cushendale yarn can smell like a harm hug on a cold Irish morning.” – Aoibhe, Ireland
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