Irish Carded Wool

Azure Irish Carded Wool

This special and unique carded Irish wool will get you ‘felting’ or home spinning in a selection of rich blended colours or natural white.

Origin of Fibres: The ‘Galway’ sheep, bred by Gordon our local sheep farmer in Wexford, Ireland
Yarn: Irish fleece dyed, carded and spun at our mill.

Weight: 100 g


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Cushendale is one of only two remaining woollen mills in Ireland traditionally crafting exceptionally rare textiles using Irish wool. The locally sourced fleece is from the protected ‘Galway’ sheep and is dyed, carded and spun at our historic mill, creating a range of truly unique Irish textiles of authentic composition, provenance and craftsmanship. It is a great privilege and joy to continue to work with indigenous Irish wool, from fleece to fabric.