Felting Highlights

Mohair / Wool Felting Highlights

Add some colour and texture to your felting creations with a selection of our colourful mohair yarns.


Weight: 100g

Yarn: 70% Mohair / 30% Wool

Origin: Undyed yarn sourced in Italy, originating from the Angora Goat

Colour: Delicately hank dyed at our mill in a custom colour palette

Crafted: Designed, woven and hand finished by our team of highly skilled makers

Weight: 100 g


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Originating in the mountains of Tibet and considered one of the oldest fibres in the world, this “diamond fibre”, is characterised by a distinct lustre and sheen. Mohair remains one of the most exclusive and luxurious natural textiles. All our mohair yarns are uniquely hank dyed at our historic mill, a delicate and signature process which enhances the yarn fibres and protects all of the natural softness in a bespoke colour palette.