Orders are typically dispatched within 2-3 working days.  In the event of any potential delay we will contact you.
Flat delivery rates, determined by weight, are in line with current market prices and are subject to change.

Free Shipping – Spend over €100 to avail of free shipping on the Island of Ireland & €10 off all international shipping.

ZoneCountryRangeChargeDelivery Type
Zone 1Island of Ireland0g to 495g€4.50Courier
495g to 2kg€9.00
Over €100Free Shipping
Zone 2UK ex. N.Ireland0g to 500g€14.50Registered Post
501g to 699g€18.00
700g to 1000g€8.00 (inc. €10 off)
1001g to 2000g€11.00 (inc. €10 off)
2001g to 5000g€20.00 (inc. €10 off)
Zone 3Europe0g to 500g€15.00 Registered Post
501g to 699g€18.50
700g to 1000g€8.50 (inc. €10 off)
1001g to 2000g€11.50 (inc. €10 off)
2001g to 2500g€37.00 (inc. €10 off)
2501g to 3000g€41.00 (inc. €10 off)
3001g to 3500g€49.00 (inc. €10 off)
Zone 4Rest of World0g to 500g€16.00Registered Post
501g to 699g€22.50
700g to 1000g€12.50 (inc. €10 off)
1001g to 2000g€19.50 (inc. €10 off)
2001g to 2500g€38.00 (inc. €10 off)