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Our Textiles

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Our Textiles

Unique Craftsmanship

The ability of maintaining all stages of the process in-house creates a total oversight of each critical stage and guarantees our quality standards as the highest possible benchmark.

Traceable & Sustainable

Our fully traceable Irish wool comes from a single source farm in the south east of Ireland and is the very cornerstone of our ethos – lifelong pieces.

Rich Heritage

A woollen mill has stood on our site since 1204. The Cushendale brand is six generations of our family with a long history, both fearless and forward looking.

Deep-rooted and Passionate

A deep-rooted generational knowledge empowers our team of highly skilled makers to create lifelong pieces, crafted to perfection – the connection people experience with our products is deep and heartfelt. This reveals our Irishness, our heritage roots and our respect and desire for a sustainable world.

Our History

An Ever Evolving Story

Since 1778, six generations of our family have been producing exceptional textiles from our mill in Kilkenny, Ireland.

Experience Cushendale

To experience Cushendale is to be connected to centuries of knowledge and craftsmanship with passion and warmth.  #cushendalewoollenmills