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Made Slower, Made for a Lifetime

Hands pulling orange wool threads on a loom
Hands pulling orange wool threads on a loom

Made slower is made with more care, is better and is more sustainable. And by completing every step here at our mill we ensure what we make is made for a lifetime.

Miriam Cushen using a warping technique on a loom with pink, red and purple threads at the mill

Our Mill

We are one of Ireland’s last vertical mills, operating from a site on which a mill has stood since the 13th century. We use age old techniques and machinery to carefully hand craft in small quantities.

A man standing in front of a machine comparing the colour of green wool in the machine to a swatch palette in his hand

Making Yarn

We start with fleece and take the time and effort to nurture it into beautiful yarns ready to begin their transformation into exquisite textiles under our watchful eye.

A person operating a machine to weave wool threads in the workshop

Designing & Weaving

Our humble designs draw inspiration from our own lives and the beauty we see in the everyday before being woven into textiles of extraordinary colour, warmth and feel.

A man working with striped fabric at the Cushendale mill

Wet & Dry Finishing

We say that a woven textile is only half way there, the real magic happens in the gentle and careful wet & dry finishing which interlock the yarn, giving them body and texture.

Female hands stretching out brown fabric over a wooden board

Hand Finishing

Every inch of textile is checked and then cut, finished and labeled by hand, ensuring the human touch is present throughout every stage of our process.


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