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Design Ethos

Philip and Miriam Cushen and Miriam's husband Trevor discuss fabrics and colours at the mill
At Cushendale our design ethos very much comes from within, it is a representation of who we are, the sum of our experiences and things we see which capture our imagination.
Dancer with red and grey woollen blanket over her head holds her head with her hand

Respect and Understanding

Our yarn colors and textile patterns are born from the strong bond between designer and maker. It is an organic process built on respect and our deep understanding of the transformation journey that yarn and textiles take.

Person in green clothing holding up a light green striped blanket that covers their upper body

Inspired by the Master

We're also inspired by our surroundings and infuse a sense of place into our creations, drawing inspiration from nature's hues and acknowledging its mastery of color.

Dancers in colourful tights and covered from the waist up in a navy and green plaid blanket hold hands

A Rare Privilege

Managing the end to end transformative textile-making process, from start to finish, crafting yarns, colors and perfecting the feel, grants us a huge amount of creative freedom. And it's a rare privilege we hold dear.

Miriam Cushen using a warping technique on a loom with pink, red and purple threads at the mill
Philip Cushen - KDW c1965
Philip Cushen KDW c1965

Kilkenny Design Workshops

A key period in our design evolution was our participation in the Kilkenny Design Workshops, established by the Irish government in 1963.

This initiative was aimed at strengthening the design element of Irish craft and what followed was a revolution in Irish craft design.

With Kilkenny as the hub, designers from throughout Europe worked with Irish makers in the areas of weaving, ceramics, furniture and silversmithing.

This ground-breaking venture gave us a contemporary outlook with a new emphasis on design, colour & new fibres, the three pillars of our collections today.

We continue this tradition of collaboration with artists and designers as it helps us push the boundaries of our own designs and encourages us to remain fearless in our creativity.


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